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Earthbound - The Feather and the Storm

I dream of death, not love, but somehow I discover both.

Livia has led an unsettled life. She’s learned to keep to herself—until she meets wired for life, free-spirited Evelyn—and her tormented twin brother, Jack. They hide a secret, and their presence is affecting Livia in ways she doesn’t understand—a magnetic force, goose bumps, and tingling through her body.

Drawn into their strange world, devastating circumstances surface for Livia and she winds up deeply involved in more than she ever dreamed. The tangled destinies of the trio unravel and Livia discovers the thin veil between life and death. And in the end, Livia must choose.

An intense tale of love, death and redemption.

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Thanks to my bunch of teens for reading drafts of the manuscript and giving very honest feedback. Your enthusiasm for the book is overwhelming, and your movie madness is awesome! A brilliant surprise!

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